DavidsTea Advent Calendar Day 1 – Organic Buttered Rum


Rob and I were both stoked when we got the latest David’sTea newsletter, showcasing the advent calendar they released for this holiday season. My dear husband ran right out and bought it for me, much to my delight! It wasn’t until I got looking it over later that I realized I’ve already tried a lot of the teas included, most of them are David’s classics and best loved teas. That’s ok, it’s still. Ice to get a different one every day, try a few new ones, and plus ill have 24 cutesy little cans to use in the craft room afterwards! 😀

The first tea is “Buttered Rum“. If Im not mistaken, i think this black tea was introduced with the winter collection a few years ago and they kept it on as part of the permanent collection because of its popularity (I’m glad they do this with the best teas!). I’ve purchased this tea in the past, I like its warm wintery heartiness. It works great as a hot cocoa alternative on cold winter nights. I don’t consider myself a huge coconut fan, but the coconut in this tea adds a mellowness that rounds it out nicely.

I give Buttered Rum a 4 out of 5. 🙂


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