Biography – I’m a 30-something crafty enthusiast, living on the East coast of Canada with my sweetie Fiance Rob, and our 2 cats, Luna & Artemis (brownie points to anyone who gets the reference there).  I work at CasinoNB.  I am a trained Interior Decorator, as well as a Multimedia Designer, although I’m not currently working in either field – it’s just not what I want to do.  I used to do craft shows, but I haven’t for a few years because I just didn’t like having to mass-produce items, and I don’t like sticking to just one craft, I literally do it ALL.

I do have 2 Etsy shops, for my handmades and for all my awesome vintage finds.  I love Etsy because it really supports my style of crafting, in that I’m not obligated to stick to one style of craft (like soap making, or sewing), but instead I can craft as my muse so desires, and have an eclectic shop. 🙂

Besides crafting, I also like to read, cook, bake, travel (especially to my fave place in the whole world, NYC); shopping (especially for vintage things & crafty things); video games (WOW, RockBand; anything Mario); board games; roller derby – I’m on hiatus from this for awhile, due to medical reasons.

Favorite Crafts – collage; mixed media; assemblage; sewing; traditional rug hooking; Ukrainian Easter eggs; jewelry making; anything involving felt; needle felting; spinning; crochet

I love – Roller derby; Godiva Chocolate; my Honda Fit; Top sirloin steak grilled rare with grilled onions; NYC; collecting stuff (see below); Japanese culture, especially kawaii things; Indian food; Montana’s Ribs; houndstooth; argyle; Bettie Page; great danes; strawberries and blueberries; Hello Kitty

I Collect – chopsticks; LuRay Dinnerware; vintage things I think are cute; maneki neko; My Little Pony (well, I don’t actively collect these anymore, and my once 600+ collection is now well under 100); craft supplies; fabric; buttons; Herself the Elf dolls; Pullip Dolls; Blythe Dolls; cookie cutters; and I feel I should mention Rob’s hot sauce collection (which I believe at last count was over 120, but has had more added since) because even though it’s his collection, I like to buy new hot sauces to add to it too, and I really love it!; paper ephemera; vintage glass Christmas balls

Guilty Pleasures or Things I am Embarrassed to Like (or at least should be) – leftover french fries reheated in the microwave; 90’s music; Korn; Reno 911; WOW; eating a whole big tub of cottage cheese in one sitting; instant mashed potatoes

Things I Hate that Most Other People Like – Nickelback, Twilight, Michael Jackson, PETA, American Idol

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