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There Goes 2014

There Goes 2014

Wow, what happened to 2014?  I’ve had a crazy year, I can’t believe it’s almost over.  As you may have guessed, my 365 Days Challenge fell apart again. 😦  I got sick again, and that was that. Once I get behind a week or so, I’m lost.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  I’ve moved on, and tried not to beat myself up too much about it.

SO! This year has been good.  Well, there was some bad stuff, but the good greatly outweighs the bad.  For example, just a couple of days ago, I became an Aunt for the 4th time!  My newest nephew is just adorable, with his chubby little cheeks! hehe

Rob and I also took an amazing vacation!  For our honeymoon we went to London for 2 weeks (and one day in Wales!), and then to Paris for a week.  We saw and did SOOOO much!  We went to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales, which was amazing!  I insisted we take a day and drive out to that.  Rob is a big Dr Who fan, he loved it years before I did, but I had to put my foot down and tell him we were going to that (so I guess now I’m the bigger fan ;))  He’s glad we did though, and he even did awesome driving in London, like a BOSS! hehe  We also had the opportunity to meet the New Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and his companion, Jena Louise Coleman.  Check it out:



AND, the day before that happened, we also randomly stumbled on the World premier of Expendables 3, so we saw Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, and JASON STATHAM in person, live on the red carpet.  So freakin’ amazing!!

I was also so happy to see so many paintings that I had always wanted to see, my favourite of which would be Bal du moulin de la Galette by Renoir at Musee D’Orsay in Paris.  Hands down oen of my favorite paintings, and it was a cooler experience for me than seeing even the Mona Lisa (which we saw as well at the Louvre).

The whole trip was just amazing.  A once in a lifetime trip for sure.  While I liked London, of course I LOVED Paris.  The food alone was enough to make me want to live there.  We went out to a fancy restaurant one night, and I had the best meal I have ever had in my life.  Again and again, almost everywhere we went, the food was amazing.  Rob loves Croque Madame, and had it a few times in Paris, so I’ve found a good recipe to make it at home for him.  Only once in awhile though, as it’s SO very rich.

We rented apartments for our stay ( I HIGHLY recommend Airbnb, their customer service was amazing, just outstanding).  Our flat in London was in the City of London, right on the Thames River, with a great view of South Bank (so pretty at night).  But, the real gem was our apartment in Paris.  Check out this view:


Yeah, needless to say, I loved doing dishes (normally I hate dishes). The bathroom was on the same wall, and the window was in the shower, so I showered with the window open every morning so I could see the Eiffel Tower while I showered.  Anyone on the top of the tower using binoculars, looking in just the right direction at that moment got an eyeful! hehe

I was able to cross a bunch of things off my bucket list on this vacation too!!! Visit London, visit Paris, go to the Dr Who Experience, have afternoon tea in London, buy a red Chanel lipstick in Paris *squeee!*, see the Eiffel Tower, visit a castle, and have champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Those are a lot of things to cross off the list at once.  Did I mention the food in Paris?  The coffee, cheese, wine, creme brulee, steak, macarons, pain au chocolate, EVERYTHING was SO delicious.

*whew*  Oh, besides the celebrity schmoozing in London, I got to go to a rug hooking seminar with one of my favourite designers, and a real insperation to me, Kaffe Fassett this summer in Nova Scotia.  It was great, and I learned a lot.

We also recently got to meet Mark Sheppard at a con, and he is so nice, and funny, and just fantastic.  If you’re not sure who he is, he’s had bit parts in every. scifi. show. ever, from Xfiles on.  More recently though, he’s become a regular on Supernatural (season 5 on), so he doesn’t have time for bit parts on other shows any more, which is sad, but at the same time I totally love his character on Supernatural, so it’s good.  For someone who plays the king of hell, he’s awafully snuggly. hehe


Sorry I haven’t posted any creative things lately.  Life has been SO busy!  I “quit my day job”, and am a self-employed artist now.  I have been doing creative things for years, but I finally took the plunge, which I never would have done without the support and encouragement from my wonderful husband Rob, and so far, it’s been more successful than I could have imagined. My main focus is sewing; I design and manufacture custom paintball gear (as Paintball Tailor), but I love to keep things interesting by doing lots of other things (it can get a bit boring working in nothing but black and olive drab fabric).  Check out my facebook artist page, and remember I’m for hire for everything from face painting to wedding decor to interior decor to sewing (and everything in between).  I do, indeed, do it all!  If you have a creative project you want done, I’m your girl!

So, I’d better go get some work done of some sort.  Sorry to not post creative things any more, I wish I had time to do so on a regular basis.  if you want to follow my creative happenings, I do suggest following my facebook page, I’m more apt to do a quick photo post from my phone to that page than write a big post here.  🙂


365 Days of Creativity – Days 103 to 112


Hey internet people!  I’m surprised I’m not more behind with my posts – it feels like a month since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been busy, of course!  Paintball season is gearing up, so I’ve got lots of orders to keep my busy.  But, again, that’s work.  I’m posting play here.  The fun, artsy stuff!  I’m still on my mail art kick; who knows, maybe It’ll end up being 365 days of mail art!  I do one or two things here and there that aren’t drawing, but I am still feeling that drawing pull big time.  So, with no further adieu, here’s what I’ve been working on for lots of swaps and trades over at ATCsforAll! I think I’ll hit ya with a bunch of inchies first!  I love making inchies (1″X1″ art).

First, elephants!  Done with marker, gel pen, and colored pencil.


I had fun making these flamingoes.  Marker and gel pen.


Jellies!!  I love jellies, especially cute, kawaii ones.  I almost kept this set for myself. 🙂 Marker and gel pen


Colorful kitties.  Marker and gel pen.

Kitty Heads

Pink poodles, as a request.  I collect pink poodle ATCs, so it was a treat to draw pink poodles for someone else!  Marker and gel pen.

Pink Poodles

Underwater cuties. marker, colored pencil, and gel pen.

Sea Creatures

Another favorite subject of mine, Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls in marker & coloured pencil.

Sugar Skulls

Sunflowers, trying to get into a summery mood.  Marker.


Tea cakes!  Om nom nom.  Marker, colored pencil, gel pen.

Tea Cakes

I love to draw cupcakes.  I never get bored of them.  Marker and gel pen.



365 Days of Creativity – Days 84 to 102


Whew! I’m very behind on my posts this time.  Again, I’m still on my mail art kick, doing lots of ATCs and inchies especially!

To start, here are a few sets of cards I’ve done for swaps:

8 cards I did for a private trade with a user from the UK.  She had a wide variety of subjects she likes to collect, so I had lots of themes to work with!  I’m most tickled with the stegosaurus, I love rainbows and dinosaurs. 🙂  There’s a variety of media: marker, gel pen, watercolor, coloured pencil.

Next up, I did cards for a Dr Who TARDIS swap!  Look at all that TARDIS-ey goodness!

Then I did a 3 card private trade, and the person I was trading with likes goddesses, so I was inspired and did a Sun, Sky, and Water Goddess for her. 🙂


Last, but certainly not least, whimsical sheep!  I love drawing silly, whimsical cards!  hehe

Whimsical Sheep

365 Days of Creativity – Days 72 – 76


There I go again, slacking on the posting.  I’m sick again, this time with the flu. I’m all achy all over and I have a sore throat, and I’ve been in bed for 4 days.  I feel like poo.  I’ve got some things to post though, in between my sleeping I’ve been doodling.  Here’s a few ATCs I’ve been working on, Yup, still on that mail art kick.

Decorative Rabbit



zentangle bunny

Zentangle Iceberg

365 Days of Creativity – Days 59 – 65


Sorry for the way overdue posts; I was super busy sewing for the big paintball game I attended in Ontario this past weekend.  Now I’m taking a break from sewing for a few days, and I’ve been working on some mail art!!  Here are seven ATCs I made for a swap, the theme of which was “Kawaii Food”.  I had a lot of fun with this one, it was nice to have something fun to doodle!

Kawaii Bacon and Eggs

Kawaii Banana

Kawaii Caramel Apple

Kawaii Cupcake


Kawaii Kiwi

Kawaii Rainbow Cake

kawaii taco