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365 Days of Creativity – Days 43 & 44


We went to the wedding of a couple of good friends of ours this past weekend in Prince Edward Island.  What a great weekend it was, with friends, good food, and lots of fun.  My crafty things for these 2 days were both wedding related, of course.

First off, I made the cake.  The bride wanted it heart shaped, as the wedding was on Valentines Day.  We went with red velvet with cream cheese icing, topped with strawberries.  The cake turned out as planned, with the exception of the strawberry glaze.  I hold the lady at Sobey’s responsible; I had never used it before, but she assured me it wouldn’t run.  She lied.  *shakes fist*  At least it still tasted good. 🙂  Oh, I made chocolate cuppies also, just in case.



I also ended up putting the bouquet together, easy-peasy.  The bride had a dozen red roses, I bunched them , wrapped the stems in the same red ribbon I used for the cake, and added a simple tulle bow at the top.



Awww, such a cute photo!!

The photo for what was supposed to be my last post for this group of days seems to have disappeared off of my ipad.  It was an origami heart out of paper currency that I made for the Mr & Mrs, an idea I got from my sister, and it was so cute.  Booo. 😦


Waking up in New York City


I’m here, finally here again. New York City. The city of all cities. My favorite place in the whole world. It’s been almost 3 years since I last visited, but it feels like so much longer. I’ve been wanting to do a girls only trip to NYC for a long time, and this is it, we’ve finally done it. We had girls sign up and girls drop out, but in the end I’m here with my mom and my best bud Heidi. I couldn’t ask for two better travel companions. :). We left home less than 24 hours ago and it’s already been an unforgettable trip.

Mom did fantastic on the flight, a lot better than I thought she would actually. She said she didn’t want a window seat on the plane,but the she kept craning to see out mine. Hehe. She even stayed calm for the takeoff and landing. Good job girl!

I have finally found something about NYC that I don’t like though. They do their roadwork in the middle of the night. 3am sharp we awoke to a road crew using a jackhammer out side across the street. I’m thinking about marching across the 8 lanes of Queens Blvd and kicking his ass. Hehe. Joking aside, I feel bad for mom because I don’t know if she’ll get back to sleep. Heidi can sleep thought anything, and me, this is the time I get up in the morning for work, so I’m up and wide awake for the day. But poor mom, she’s going to be zonked today.

I’m not sure what we’re doing today. I have a loose itinerary done up, but not really anything set as to which days we do what. I’m thinking we’ll hit manhattan for some of the bigger things, like Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, and a little Midtown shopping. I love playing tour guide in NYC. 🙂 I love sharing my love and wonder for this city with people.

Hmmm, I’m not sure how to post a photo, as I’m posting this for my iPad, and I normally post from my pc. So, alas, this post will be boring, with no pic. :(. I’ll figure it out later, or maybe I’ll bug rob to walk me through it. Hehe


Oh, nevermind, there it’s! Oh WordPress, thank you for the awesome iPad app!

365 Days of Creativity – Days 5 & 6


Now, days 5 & 6 are where my 365 Days of Creativity Challenge fell apart.  I was in pain, a bloody mess, and hopped up on Demerol for those days, so honestly, no crafting got done.  So, what I am going to do to fill in for those days are share a couple of projects I did in the past couple of months.  For my posts thus far, I have been doing paper crafts, as that’s what I’ve been in the mood to make lately, but these are actually both cross stitch!

First, I was very happy to finish a huge project I’ve been working on for years. Since 1999 to be exact.  As my husband puts it, there’s a lot of cross stitch in this project…maybe not 11 years’ worth, but still a lot. LOL  But, this is the way I craft. Do cross stitch for a few weeks, then get bored and stash said project away to work on my next whim, until someday when I get the cross stitch bug again.  This year however, I’ve resolved to get some of these old projects done and OUT of my house! 🙂  I made this Christmas tree skirt from a Dimensions kit I believe it was.  I made it for my mom, who loves animals, so I knew she would love it.  Now, over the past few years, she knew I was working on something for her, but had no idea what.  I was hesitant about finishing this project as well because I put so much work into it, but I hadn’t pre-washed the embroidery floss, so I was scared when I washed it, it would run. Which it did – I was so horrified.  But, after many sessions of soaking in water, almost all of the dye did come out.  I was also scared to cut the tree skirt shape out of it, in case I cut wrong, or messed it up after all that work stitching.  I finally made myself do it though, and that part turned out great.  I trimmed it in red satin ribbon (which I of course couldn’t find at Michaels, so I bought wired and pulled the wire out of it. Nothing is ever easy for me. LOL)

Anyways, here’s my Mom with her tree skirt, the day I gave it to her.  She was so excited. ❤  Not half as excited as I was to be done it though. haha

Another stitching project I did just after Christmas, was inspired by an inside joke between myself, my hubby Rob, and my friend Roxanne.  I think she liked it: