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365 Days of Creativity – Days 38 to 40


First up we have a project that is a redo for me.  I had done this on a big canvas a few years ago, but ended up eventually needing the canvas for something else, so peeled the letters off.  This is on a wee canvas, painted black.  I think it’s pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. 🙂Image

My next crafty thing was born out of necessity.  I seem to be coming up with a few of those projects!  I have a neat metal planter that I keep my markers in.  I have a few (well, I couldn’t find the 3rd, so I only did it for 2) mini Sharpies, that just get lost in the bottom of the container under all the regular sized markers.  So, I gathered up a few random beads, and some wire.


I then just strung the caps and the beads on the wire, then curled it all around the handle of the planter.  This way it keeps the Sharpie minis on the side.  Their caps have a little part on top that pops off, so I can easily get them off of the container to use them.


My entry for day 40 is my week 4 Journal 52 entry.  The journal prompt was “building character”, and you were supposed to create a self portrait.  I have to say, I’m not overly happy with my self portrait.  I tried something different, and it came out kind of meh.  I do like the other elements though.


365 Days of Creativity – Days 28 & 29


I joined a free online art journal workshop this year, and hopefully it will encourage me to journal more.  So far, so good. I started a few weeks late, but I’ve been journaling whenever I need a break from sewing this week.

The course is at http://journal52.com/.  I recommend checking it out.  If you’re an experienced art journaller, or if you’ve never journaled before, you’ll find something there to inspire you.  There’s lots of people who are sharing their work too, so you can even just oogle at all the deliciousness. 🙂

Week 1 our prompt was “Up, Up, & Away”.  I had a background page that I did forever ago, and never did anything further with it, until this prompt.  I knew it would be perfect.  The background is watercolors over a vintage handwritten book page, and fine marker for the grass. I loved the background, and I didn’t want to obscure it’s beauty too much. so I colored some transparency sheets with alcohol inks, which are transparent, and cut them out in the shapes of hot air balloons.  Marker baskets and gel pen title finished off the page.



The prompt for Week 2 was “Somewhere, A Simple Place”.  Again, this was a page I had started with some scrapbooking paper and painted bubbles a long time ago.  I always knew what theme I wanted to go with on this page, bubble bath, and so this prompt was the perfect opportunity to actually do the page.  I’m not happy with my actual writing, as always, but the page itself came together pretty much as I imagined.  It’s nice to be finishing up some of these pages.  I might even finish that art journal and need to start a new one if I keep going with Journal 52! 🙂