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Art, on Me


It’s about time I do a post about the art I carry around with me at all times.  My tattoos!  I love tattoos.  I have 3, and have plans for more. If I had unlimited finances, I’d be covered in them I imagine. ^_^

I got my first tattoo when I was 19. It was before the tattoo craze started, so there were only a couple of places in town to get tattoos.  A friend of mine called me up and said “A bunch of us are getting tattoos today, you in?”.  Being 19, and having a student loan burning a hole in my pocket, I quickly agreed to go.  I didn’t know what I wanted, I just had the idea in my head that if I was getting a tattoo, going through all that pain, I wasn’t going to get something “girly”.  So, I picked out a snarling wolf’s head from a book of the artist’s work.  Am I happy with it? Not overly. It’s not the greatest quality, and it kind of looks more like an Alaskan Malamute than a wolf, but oh well.  It’s on my left shoulder.

My next tattoo I got when I was 24…or was it 25?..  I put some thought into this one. My Little Ponies were one of the best parts of my childhood, and at the time I got the tattoo, I was a My Little Pony collector.  MLP brought me much happiness. So, a My Little Pony tattoo was not too much of a stretch.  She’s on the inside of my right leg, a couple of inchies above the ankle.  I placed her here because it bugged me that I couldn’t see my other tattoo, so I wanted her where I could see her.  I’m not really happy with this tattoo either.  It’s not great. The artist really screwed up the eye, MLP have a very distinct eye, and well, this isn’t it. Meh.

Now, for the piece de la resistance!  I got my 3rd tattoo for my 32nd birthday. I’ve learned a lot about tattoos since I was younger. You get what you pay for, for sure.  Unlike my other tats, this one cost me a LOT.  I got her from Brad Dawe at Hell or High Water Tattoo Parlour.  She’s a half sleeve, on my right arm.  How it happened: a few years ago my mom of all people cut an article about a local up and coming tattoo artist.  With the article, there was  pic of a skull he had done.  It was amazing!  I went to the studio and checked out more of his work, and had a loose idea of what I wanted.  I walked into my appointment and said “I want a 3/4 view skull, with Day of the Dead markings, Bettie Paige hair, pigtails, and work cherries in there somehow.  He grabbed a marker, and freehanded her on me! It was awesome.  And here she is!  Sorry for the wonky yellowish pic – I took it myself in my bathroom, where the lights are apparently yellowish.  She took a couple of sittings, one for outlining and black shading, one for colour, and then a short touch up for the yellow and orange.  I LOVE her. ❤