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365 Days of Creativity – Days 84 to 102


Whew! I’m very behind on my posts this time.  Again, I’m still on my mail art kick, doing lots of ATCs and inchies especially!

To start, here are a few sets of cards I’ve done for swaps:

8 cards I did for a private trade with a user from the UK.  She had a wide variety of subjects she likes to collect, so I had lots of themes to work with!  I’m most tickled with the stegosaurus, I love rainbows and dinosaurs. 🙂  There’s a variety of media: marker, gel pen, watercolor, coloured pencil.

Next up, I did cards for a Dr Who TARDIS swap!  Look at all that TARDIS-ey goodness!

Then I did a 3 card private trade, and the person I was trading with likes goddesses, so I was inspired and did a Sun, Sky, and Water Goddess for her. 🙂


Last, but certainly not least, whimsical sheep!  I love drawing silly, whimsical cards!  hehe

Whimsical Sheep

365 Days of Creativity – Days 43 & 44


We went to the wedding of a couple of good friends of ours this past weekend in Prince Edward Island.  What a great weekend it was, with friends, good food, and lots of fun.  My crafty things for these 2 days were both wedding related, of course.

First off, I made the cake.  The bride wanted it heart shaped, as the wedding was on Valentines Day.  We went with red velvet with cream cheese icing, topped with strawberries.  The cake turned out as planned, with the exception of the strawberry glaze.  I hold the lady at Sobey’s responsible; I had never used it before, but she assured me it wouldn’t run.  She lied.  *shakes fist*  At least it still tasted good. 🙂  Oh, I made chocolate cuppies also, just in case.



I also ended up putting the bouquet together, easy-peasy.  The bride had a dozen red roses, I bunched them , wrapped the stems in the same red ribbon I used for the cake, and added a simple tulle bow at the top.



Awww, such a cute photo!!

The photo for what was supposed to be my last post for this group of days seems to have disappeared off of my ipad.  It was an origami heart out of paper currency that I made for the Mr & Mrs, an idea I got from my sister, and it was so cute.  Booo. 😦


365 Days of Creativity – Days 38 to 40


First up we have a project that is a redo for me.  I had done this on a big canvas a few years ago, but ended up eventually needing the canvas for something else, so peeled the letters off.  This is on a wee canvas, painted black.  I think it’s pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. 🙂Image

My next crafty thing was born out of necessity.  I seem to be coming up with a few of those projects!  I have a neat metal planter that I keep my markers in.  I have a few (well, I couldn’t find the 3rd, so I only did it for 2) mini Sharpies, that just get lost in the bottom of the container under all the regular sized markers.  So, I gathered up a few random beads, and some wire.


I then just strung the caps and the beads on the wire, then curled it all around the handle of the planter.  This way it keeps the Sharpie minis on the side.  Their caps have a little part on top that pops off, so I can easily get them off of the container to use them.


My entry for day 40 is my week 4 Journal 52 entry.  The journal prompt was “building character”, and you were supposed to create a self portrait.  I have to say, I’m not overly happy with my self portrait.  I tried something different, and it came out kind of meh.  I do like the other elements though.


365 Days of Creativity – Days 33 Through 35


Day 33 – I got a brand new NYC stamp set, and of course I was dying to take it for a test drive!

101_0007Aren’t they awesome?  Anyways, I wanted to test them out, so I grabbed a couple of blank notecards and envelopes.  Voila!

101_0010  Not bad, next time I’ll emboss them so the designs pop more, especially on the intensely colored stationery.

Day 34 – Keeping on my recent paper crafting kick, I made a couple of sets of inchies (1″ X 1″ art).

101_0026 Funky chickens! *giggle*  These were fun to doodle and color.

101_0018  If you remember, these inches were backgrounds that I made on Day 16.  I had just stamped and stenciled and layered paint after paint onto the background, then cut them out to use as inchie backgrounds.  The week 5 Journal 52 prompt is “Abstract Art”, which I struggle with, so I figured I’d loosen up with these doodled inchies.

Day 35 – I saw this on Pinterest, (I have a feeling a lot of my 365 crafts will be inspired by Pinterest).  It was one of those “HAD to make it as soon as I saw it” crafts.  I like those ones; short and sweet.  This is now on my dishwasher!


365 Days of Creativity – Days 30 & 31


Paintball season is going to be getting geared up in March, and as you may or may not know, I make paintball gear!  *Shameless Plug; check out Paintball Tailor)!!  So, I’m finishing up my outstanding custom orders, and getting stocked up in preparation for the coming season.  If my winter has been any indication, my sewing machine is going to have a very busy summer!  I am going to try to keep the paintball posts here to a minimum; no one wants to see day after day of camo and olive drab!  Especially when I know how do SO many different forms of arts & crafts!  Anyways, my first post is about paintball, sorry!  One order was for a mag (magazine) holder, I tinkered around with designing it, and I think the finished product turned out pretty well.  I got some feedback from it’s new owner, and I will be making a couple of tiny changes to it, but for the most part, it worked out good!  That’s always good to hear. 🙂

100_9929In trying to find a nice balance between hours of endless sewing and doing “fun” crafts, I’ve been doing a few things this week.  I have a travel journal, that I take with me when I travel, and record the places I visit, cool things I see and do, and I even tuck some keepsakes in there.  My journal has been neglected big time though; most pages are half done, with pics not printed out and stuck in, and fun embellishments like stickers and doodles not added.  So, I’m working on getting that updated.  Here’s a few pics of the first trip in my journal, a “girl’s trip” me, my Mom, and my bestie Heidi took to NYC in September of 2012.  Yup, it’s been almost a year and a half and I’m just finishing my journal now.  This is why I don’t scrapbook anymore! hah

100_9991This is the cover of my travel journal.  It was pretty plain and blah, so I decoupaged a map onto it. NYC of course!  ❤  I’m not sure if it’s done; I may add a nameplate or something to it in the future.

100_9994Page one, travelling to NYC.  Drove from Moncton, NB, Canada, to Bangor, Maine, and flew to NYC from there.

100_9996Grand Central Terminal, quick sketch, and a Zaro’s sticker!  Every time I go to NYC, I visit a Zaro’s to get a New York’s best black & white cookie!  Yum!  You must excuse my crappy writing.  I write like a dude.  😦

100_9999Times Square page, we wandered around there all day! Now that I think of it though; this page might not be done. I need to add the photo of me with Hello Kitty, and a pic of Heidi being interviewed by a puppet.  Yup, a puppet. It was hilarious!

365 Days of Creativity – Days 25, 26, & 27


Threads have been flying in the studio this week.  I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, getting caught up on my paintball orders, before the season starts.  I’ve also squeezed in a couple of art journal pages too.  Here’s what I’ve done:

These are paintball gauntlets.  You store 10-round tubes in them, as well as a couple of C02 canisters. (Well, except for the bottom one; that customer didn’t want the C02 storage).  These were all for customer orders.


Also a custom order, two hats.  They are padded, to lighten the blow of getting shot in the head. I’ve been shot in the head (by my darling husband actually). It hurts. Bad.



A Peek Inside My Studio


I’ve been working hard to get my studio cleaned and ready for the new year.  I had packed up a bunch of stuff because I was going to paint the walls in there, but decided against it.  All the stuff was in storage , so I had to unpack everything.  This created a huge mess, of course.  Plus, I wanted to move some things out of the studio to the garage, to store, and so I’ve been going through and inventorying everything digitally so when I need something out there I can find it easily.

Anyways, on to the important stuff!  Here are a couple of before pics.  It was pretty well impossible to work in there, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Stuff was just piled everywhere, and, much to hubby’s dismay, it had spilled out into the living room.  Not good!



So, I worked hard the past few weeks, and I have it almost done.  There’s still a few things out of place, but it still looks 100 times better in there.  Behold!


365 Days of Creativity – Day 6


I’ve spent much of the last 2 days doing an Etsy photo shoot (over 1300 photos, yikes!).  While I was photographing these vintage blocks, I couldn’t resist.  My vintage shop on Etsy is RetroHeart.  I might work this into a new shop banner, or maybe RetroHeart’s facebook cover photo.  And, as a side note, I learned that the black velvet backdrop for my light box is NOT ideal when you have cats.  I spent more time picking cat fur off of it than I did taking pics I think, just to have more on it by the next setup.


Hello 2014


Happy new year!! I’ve decided to attempt the 365 days of creativity challenge again this year. I had attempted it a few years ago, but stopped in March because I had gotten the flu and a sinus infection at the same time. I was bed ridden for over a week. :(. But this is a new year, and I want to create more, and blog more, so here’s a way to do both.

I hope 2013 was wonderful for everyone. For me, it has both good and bad, and the good was really good and the bad was really bad, but I made it through and I think it ended well. I’m going to make 2014 amazing!


Craft Room Bookshelf Refinishing Project


I like to buy old furniture and refinish it.  I was stoked to find this big shelf at Value Village for $13 this past summer.

It was what I’ve had in mind for my craft room. The shelves aren’t too deep, and the shelf itself isn’t too tall (about 6ft).  This was great because I’m short, but I can still reach the back of even the top shelf. I don’t dislike the green, on the contrary, my craft room is the turquoise you see behind the shelf in the photo, and lime green!  So, I wanted the shelf to contrast with the walls, so I picked a couple of bright, yummy paint colors out!  I went with pink and orange, in a gloss finish.  I primed the shelf, and gave it a few coats of paint.  I’m still rearranging things on it the way I want, but here’s a pic of it.  I was still in the process of putting items onto it, that’s why it’s a bit of a mess.  I still don’t have it perfectly the way I want it, it’s a work in progress.  Oh, and I also added lace trim to the bottoms of the shelves, and made simple panel curtains for it. I may make better curtains later on.