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365 Days of Creativity – Days 52 Through 56


I managed to squeeze in a little mail art this week too, between all the sewing and all the being sick.  For 5 days, I present 3 ATCs and 2 sets of Inchies!  Most of these were a private trade, a couple of the ATCs and both sets of inchies were second versions of art I made previously.  I always do things differently though, I don’t want to copy the first piece! 🙂

2 Balloons Cliffs  Rolling Hills 2Whimsical Trees 2Pink Abstract 2

365 Days of Creativity – Days 49 to 51


Much fabric has been flying in the studio this week.  I’m selling my paint ball wares at a huge game in Ontario in a couple of weeks, so I’m making stock for that like mad, and getting the rest of my custom orders for Rob’s team done so they’ll have their items for that game.  I know I said I’d try to keep the paint ball posts to a minimum, but I’ve got a few neat things, and that’s mostly what I’ve been working on this week, so bear with me for this post.

First I have a few 10-round paint ball tube holders, in Vietman tiger stripe camo.  Team SMERF’s camo of choice, and these are for a member of their team.  Don’t mind the chalk marks, I forgot to wipe them off before taking a pic!

101_0092Next up is something another member of SMERF asked me to make.  It’s a wishbone harness, with paracord straps.  You use it to attach your gun to your vest, so you don’t have to hold it when it’s not in use.  I had never worked with braiding paracord before, and while I caught on to the braiding part pretty quickly, it was the finishing the ends to make them super secure that had me stuck.  I tried the usual burning the nylon and smooshing the melted ends into the braid.  That didn’t hold well enough in my opinion.  Then I tried every glue I could think of from glue gun to gorilla glue to epoxy.  Nothing.  I finally found a fantastic tutorial on youtube that gave instructions for weaving the ends back into the braid itself, and it makes it super secure.  I’m so happy with the final result, I’m making one for myself too.  🙂


101_0101Since I’m going to that game in a couple of weeks as a vendor, I’m of course bringing my new banner.  I whipped up this cute sleeve for it for safe transport.


My craft studio audience.  They look impressed.  hah



365 Days of Creativity – Day 42


Continuing with my Photoshop kick this week (my graphic design diploma is something that I rarely put to use), I made some labels for my husband Rob’s beef jerky, Durdle Jerky.  He currently makes 3 flavors, mild, regular (or, medium), and hot.  We worked together to come up with some design ideas, I did some rough sketching, and then scanned the sketches into Photoshop and went from there.  What do you think?  😀  I love that Rob let me put little kawaii faces on the thermometers! *giggle*  I’ve also got a label done for his ghost pepper jerky, which he has yet to make, but I’ll share the pic anyways.  🙂



See the little ghosts that are supposed to represent smoke, but are also ghosts because it’s ghost peppers?  Oh snap, I laughed at that idea for a while, I was pretty tickled with it. hehehehe  Rob had the fantastic idea to have the top of the thermometer looking like a burned match.  Brilliant.  We work so well together, especially when it comes to thinking up creative things. 🙂

365 Days of Creativity – Day 37


Today’s post comes to you from the comfort of my bed. I seem to have picked up a bug, so I’ve been in bed almost all day, with flu meds as a bedside snack. :(. I wanted to try to post a little more often than the weekly updates I’ve been doing, so here’s today’s. I just used supplies I had on my bedside table, which happened to be a roll of washi tape. I made a cutesy little flower and tried to stick it to Luna’s head. Sorry for the dark/ blurry pics; they were taken in my darkish bedroom with my iPhone. 🙂



365 Days of Creativity – Day 36


I’m not going to lie; I giggled all the while I was making this.  Toilet paper origami is a bit silly, but kind of cute too.  I was a chamber maid many years ago, but then the only toilet paper origami I knew about was the classic triangle.  This just tickled me so. I kind of didn’t want to go to the bathroom for the rest of the day, so I wouldn’t destroy all my hard work!  I got the instructions here.


365 Days of Creativity – Day 32


I’m still getting caught up on the Journal 52 workshop; here’s my week 3 page for the prompt “You Always Make Me Smile”.  This one was easy; no one makes me smile like my husband, Rob.  ❤  The background is paper towel that I had used to blot my brush on when I was painting, I think it was with ink.  I loved the way the colors blended, so I let it dry and kept it.  On top of that I brushed some sparkle glaze (can’t see it in the pic unfortunately, but it’s pretty), and collaged a pic of Rob, some paper bits, and a quote from twitter, that he said about me.  🙂  Then I painted the details, and sealed it all with a gloss medium.  🙂