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A Showcase of Decorated Eggs


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about making pysanky again, it’s been forever since I’ve done so, and I love the whole process and intricacy of them.  Speaking of Ukrainian Easter eggs, I don’t think I blogged this a few years ago when I had some of my art published in a book!  The author, Cheryl Hall, approached me saying that she liked my Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs, and asked if I’d like to contribute to her book.  I gladly accepted, and submitted photos of 3 of my favorite eggs I had done to date.  You can take a sneak peek of the book at Blurb.  Here are the eggs I submitted for the book, all of which are created with wax resist and analine dyes:


light house 3

Big Comfy Sofa:

Big Comphy Sofa 6



Dyeing Wool Fabric with Wilton Food Colors


So I found an excellent tutorial over at Neauveau Fiber Arts on how to use food dyes, such as Wilton cake decorating dyes, and kool-aid to dye wool.  Now, I’m a creative person, but there’s also a very science geek part of me.  I was very intrigued with the fact that in this tut, you add the dyes to water, so the water becomes colored…..THEN, when you boil it enough, with vinegar, the fabric completely absorbs the dye.  So the water ends up clear.  So fascinating!  I’m working on a couple of rug hooking projects at the moment, and  I wanted to overdye some turquoise wool I had with a deeper turquoise to give it some depth, and I also needed some orange too.  I got out my dyepot, and my Wilton colors.  I like also liked this method because it’s just food coloring, so it’s safe.  No chemicals messing up my kitchen.  I even used a wooden spoon, and don’t have to worry about using again it for food.  Below, the results!  In both pictures, the “before” fabrics are on the left, “after” on the right.  I am pleased with how bright and vibrant they are!  I’m not sure on how colorfast they are, but only time will tell for that. This technique is good for any animal fibers apparently, so wool (I used wool fabric, but can’t wait to try roving too!), alpaca, etc.