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David’s Tea Advent Calendar – Day 15 – Japanese Sencha


I have to honest up front – I do not like green tea. I don’t like the taste of it at all. I can deal with green and fruity, because the fruit taste really overpowers most of the green ick. So, sorry green tea lovers, I’m a hater.

Todays tea is Japanese Sencha. I’m sure if you like green tea, this would be one of the best. I, unfortunately don’t. I found this particular green tea really strong tasting too.

I give Japanese Sencha a 1 out of 5.


To hopefully redeem myself a bit, while sipping my green tea, I made quesadillas for supper. Rob loves my quesadillas! See, I’m not all bad! šŸ™‚


David’s Tea Advent Calendar – Day 10 – Organic Detox


Today’s tea was yet another new tea for me (10 days into this journey, I’m realizing that I might be more about David’s exciting seasonal teas instead of the old classics) – Organic Detox. I’m not sure if I buy into the whole detoxing thing, it may just be some New Age hippie propaganda, but at the least you’re getting tea, and tea definitely has lots of great healthy properties.

I find this tea tastes pretty well like a plain green tea, so that’s great for anyone who wants to do the detox thing and not have to drink some of the other nasty things I’ve heard people drink for detoxing! It’s not my favourite David’s green tea I’ve had, but its not bad.

I give Detox a 3 out of 5. Sorry for the blurry pic. I didn’t realize my pic was blurry until long after my tea was drank. šŸ˜¦