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365 Days of Creativity – Days 103 to 112


Hey internet people!  I’m surprised I’m not more behind with my posts – it feels like a month since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been busy, of course!  Paintball season is gearing up, so I’ve got lots of orders to keep my busy.  But, again, that’s work.  I’m posting play here.  The fun, artsy stuff!  I’m still on my mail art kick; who knows, maybe It’ll end up being 365 days of mail art!  I do one or two things here and there that aren’t drawing, but I am still feeling that drawing pull big time.  So, with no further adieu, here’s what I’ve been working on for lots of swaps and trades over at ATCsforAll! I think I’ll hit ya with a bunch of inchies first!  I love making inchies (1″X1″ art).

First, elephants!  Done with marker, gel pen, and colored pencil.


I had fun making these flamingoes.  Marker and gel pen.


Jellies!!  I love jellies, especially cute, kawaii ones.  I almost kept this set for myself. 🙂 Marker and gel pen


Colorful kitties.  Marker and gel pen.

Kitty Heads

Pink poodles, as a request.  I collect pink poodle ATCs, so it was a treat to draw pink poodles for someone else!  Marker and gel pen.

Pink Poodles

Underwater cuties. marker, colored pencil, and gel pen.

Sea Creatures

Another favorite subject of mine, Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls in marker & coloured pencil.

Sugar Skulls

Sunflowers, trying to get into a summery mood.  Marker.


Tea cakes!  Om nom nom.  Marker, colored pencil, gel pen.

Tea Cakes

I love to draw cupcakes.  I never get bored of them.  Marker and gel pen.



365 Days of Creativity – Days 52 Through 56


I managed to squeeze in a little mail art this week too, between all the sewing and all the being sick.  For 5 days, I present 3 ATCs and 2 sets of Inchies!  Most of these were a private trade, a couple of the ATCs and both sets of inchies were second versions of art I made previously.  I always do things differently though, I don’t want to copy the first piece! 🙂

2 Balloons Cliffs  Rolling Hills 2Whimsical Trees 2Pink Abstract 2

365 Days of Creativity – Days 33 Through 35


Day 33 – I got a brand new NYC stamp set, and of course I was dying to take it for a test drive!

101_0007Aren’t they awesome?  Anyways, I wanted to test them out, so I grabbed a couple of blank notecards and envelopes.  Voila!

101_0010  Not bad, next time I’ll emboss them so the designs pop more, especially on the intensely colored stationery.

Day 34 – Keeping on my recent paper crafting kick, I made a couple of sets of inchies (1″ X 1″ art).

101_0026 Funky chickens! *giggle*  These were fun to doodle and color.

101_0018  If you remember, these inches were backgrounds that I made on Day 16.  I had just stamped and stenciled and layered paint after paint onto the background, then cut them out to use as inchie backgrounds.  The week 5 Journal 52 prompt is “Abstract Art”, which I struggle with, so I figured I’d loosen up with these doodled inchies.

Day 35 – I saw this on Pinterest, (I have a feeling a lot of my 365 crafts will be inspired by Pinterest).  It was one of those “HAD to make it as soon as I saw it” crafts.  I like those ones; short and sweet.  This is now on my dishwasher!