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I’m in Roller Derby!!


OMG, totally the best thing ever!  I was SO excited to find a Moncton roller derby group on FB a few weeks ago. We’re just starting up (we’ve only had 2 practices), but there are lots of girls signed up, and so much enthusiasm!  I ordered my roller skates, and got them last Wednesday I think it was.  I’m totally wobbly on them, haha.  But, we have some really excellent coaches that work us HARD in practice (I swear on Sunday, my first practice, I thought I was going to die LOL). But, I love skating, and have gone out and skating almost every day.

We have a web site too! MuddyRiverRollers.com

The rest of the derby girls are super awesome! They’re all so sweet. It’ll suck when we have to start bouting and smashing each other up, haha.

Check out my pic. Badassed eh? hehe