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365 Days of Creativity – Days 49 to 51


Much fabric has been flying in the studio this week.  I’m selling my paint ball wares at a huge game in Ontario in a couple of weeks, so I’m making stock for that like mad, and getting the rest of my custom orders for Rob’s team done so they’ll have their items for that game.  I know I said I’d try to keep the paint ball posts to a minimum, but I’ve got a few neat things, and that’s mostly what I’ve been working on this week, so bear with me for this post.

First I have a few 10-round paint ball tube holders, in Vietman tiger stripe camo.  Team SMERF’s camo of choice, and these are for a member of their team.  Don’t mind the chalk marks, I forgot to wipe them off before taking a pic!

101_0092Next up is something another member of SMERF asked me to make.  It’s a wishbone harness, with paracord straps.  You use it to attach your gun to your vest, so you don’t have to hold it when it’s not in use.  I had never worked with braiding paracord before, and while I caught on to the braiding part pretty quickly, it was the finishing the ends to make them super secure that had me stuck.  I tried the usual burning the nylon and smooshing the melted ends into the braid.  That didn’t hold well enough in my opinion.  Then I tried every glue I could think of from glue gun to gorilla glue to epoxy.  Nothing.  I finally found a fantastic tutorial on youtube that gave instructions for weaving the ends back into the braid itself, and it makes it super secure.  I’m so happy with the final result, I’m making one for myself too.  🙂


101_0101Since I’m going to that game in a couple of weeks as a vendor, I’m of course bringing my new banner.  I whipped up this cute sleeve for it for safe transport.


My craft studio audience.  They look impressed.  hah



A Peek Inside My Studio


I’ve been working hard to get my studio cleaned and ready for the new year.  I had packed up a bunch of stuff because I was going to paint the walls in there, but decided against it.  All the stuff was in storage , so I had to unpack everything.  This created a huge mess, of course.  Plus, I wanted to move some things out of the studio to the garage, to store, and so I’ve been going through and inventorying everything digitally so when I need something out there I can find it easily.

Anyways, on to the important stuff!  Here are a couple of before pics.  It was pretty well impossible to work in there, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Stuff was just piled everywhere, and, much to hubby’s dismay, it had spilled out into the living room.  Not good!



So, I worked hard the past few weeks, and I have it almost done.  There’s still a few things out of place, but it still looks 100 times better in there.  Behold!