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365 Days of Creativity – Day 1


I’ve seen a lot of creative bloggers out there who are taking the 365 days of creativity challenge (for example, see the 365 days of Creativity pool on flickr).  The object is to create something every day, be it art, craft, doodle, etc, and post it online, documenting your creative year.  I know I will have no problem creating something every day, as I pretty well do that now, but it’s the posting part I’m feeling apprehensive about.  I haven’t updated this site in months, so the thought of me actually posting on a regular basis for a year?  Well, I’m trying to work on my self-discipline…but this is a big step to begin with.  I do want to do something creative every day, and I also want to post more to alljenn.com.  We’ll see how I goes I guess.  Now, I know I won’t be posting every day, but maybe once or twice a week I’ll post what I’ve made that week, complete with pics.  I do promise to have a lot of things, as I do a LOT of different creative things, and I go from one crafty whim to another in a heartbeat.  I can post big and small projects, in a variety of materials.  At least you’ll be getting variety!

So, March 7, you are my first day!  I have maybe a lame creative thing to post today, a little thing, but it makes me happy!  I was super excited to find Post-It labels! They’re in bright colors, and are sticky all over the back, not just one strip. You write on them, peel them off, and stick!  Ingenious.  Rob had bought me a new storage cabinet for Christmas (The only thing as fun as receiving crafting supplies is receiving crafting storage!), and I’ve used it for some of my mixed media mail art projects.  Today I’ve doodled some labels for them! 😀