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A Super Water Bottle Cozy


Rob loves granny things.  Doilies, old British tv shows, and hot water bottles.  I, however, am pretty prejudiced against hot water bottles.  I hate the smell of the rubber.  Yick!  So when, much to my dismay, Rob recently bought a hot water bottle to bring to bed to make his bum knee feel better, I was less than thrilled.  So, the solution: I made him a snuggly hot water bottle cover, from a felted upcycled wool sweater, and I added a handmade felt Superman patch, so it’s stylin’ too.  🙂  It was nice to sit down and really use my serger. I haven’t used it much, and the last time i used it it all jammed up.  But this time I threaded it pretty fast, and it worked like a charm.  I also got to play with the differential feed too, so that was neat.  The water bottle cover came out perfect!  Yay!