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365 Days of Creativity – Day 32


I’m still getting caught up on the Journal 52 workshop; here’s my week 3 page for the prompt “You Always Make Me Smile”.  This one was easy; no one makes me smile like my husband, Rob.  ❤  The background is paper towel that I had used to blot my brush on when I was painting, I think it was with ink.  I loved the way the colors blended, so I let it dry and kept it.  On top of that I brushed some sparkle glaze (can’t see it in the pic unfortunately, but it’s pretty), and collaged a pic of Rob, some paper bits, and a quote from twitter, that he said about me.  🙂  Then I painted the details, and sealed it all with a gloss medium.  🙂


365 Days of Creativity – Days 30 & 31


Paintball season is going to be getting geared up in March, and as you may or may not know, I make paintball gear!  *Shameless Plug; check out Paintball Tailor)!!  So, I’m finishing up my outstanding custom orders, and getting stocked up in preparation for the coming season.  If my winter has been any indication, my sewing machine is going to have a very busy summer!  I am going to try to keep the paintball posts here to a minimum; no one wants to see day after day of camo and olive drab!  Especially when I know how do SO many different forms of arts & crafts!  Anyways, my first post is about paintball, sorry!  One order was for a mag (magazine) holder, I tinkered around with designing it, and I think the finished product turned out pretty well.  I got some feedback from it’s new owner, and I will be making a couple of tiny changes to it, but for the most part, it worked out good!  That’s always good to hear. 🙂

100_9929In trying to find a nice balance between hours of endless sewing and doing “fun” crafts, I’ve been doing a few things this week.  I have a travel journal, that I take with me when I travel, and record the places I visit, cool things I see and do, and I even tuck some keepsakes in there.  My journal has been neglected big time though; most pages are half done, with pics not printed out and stuck in, and fun embellishments like stickers and doodles not added.  So, I’m working on getting that updated.  Here’s a few pics of the first trip in my journal, a “girl’s trip” me, my Mom, and my bestie Heidi took to NYC in September of 2012.  Yup, it’s been almost a year and a half and I’m just finishing my journal now.  This is why I don’t scrapbook anymore! hah

100_9991This is the cover of my travel journal.  It was pretty plain and blah, so I decoupaged a map onto it. NYC of course!  ❤  I’m not sure if it’s done; I may add a nameplate or something to it in the future.

100_9994Page one, travelling to NYC.  Drove from Moncton, NB, Canada, to Bangor, Maine, and flew to NYC from there.

100_9996Grand Central Terminal, quick sketch, and a Zaro’s sticker!  Every time I go to NYC, I visit a Zaro’s to get a New York’s best black & white cookie!  Yum!  You must excuse my crappy writing.  I write like a dude.  😦

100_9999Times Square page, we wandered around there all day! Now that I think of it though; this page might not be done. I need to add the photo of me with Hello Kitty, and a pic of Heidi being interviewed by a puppet.  Yup, a puppet. It was hilarious!